Mike Churchward Presents His Candidacy For The MUA Committee To The MoodleNews Readers

Moodle Users Association

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Responding to our open and ongoing invitation to candidates for the Moodle Users Association Committee, Mike Churchward has take us up on the offer. Below is his presentation:

I would like to help the MUA become more effective at driving the Moodle roadmap. Many good ideas come from the MUA and greater communities, and we need to continue improving our ability to ensure that the best ones for Moodle get acted upon. In the past year, I have seen the MUA become much more proactive in just this way, by improving their processes to help make this happen. I believe we can increase community involvement and attract more MUA members by showing success in these areas. And I would like to see us explore new ways to start and complete more projects, faster. I have been active in the recent Town Hall meetings and would like to continue that activity as a member of the MUA Committee.

Moodle experience:

  • I have been a Moodle user and developer since 2003.
  • I have helped develop core functionality.
  • I am a developer and maintainer of many popular Moodle plugins.
  • I have co-authored a book on Moodle development.
  • I was the founder of the first Canadian Moodle Partner, Open Knowledge Technologies (now merged with Remote-Learner) and operated as a Moodle Partner for 10+ years.

I am very active in the Moodle community, as a “Particularly Helpful Moodler” on “”, as a presenter and participant in MoodleMoots, and most recently as one of the “Plugins Guardians”.

Currently I am working for a number of organizations to help extend Moodle with quality plugins.

Active member in the MUA.

Other candidates interested in sharing their own platforms with the MoodleNews readership should consider this an open invitation. Reach out using the form on the page.

The voting season for the 10-member Committee is currently open and closes on the Australian evening of Sunday, October 1st. Members can distribute their available votes (dependent on their level) as they please. The voting process is anonymous.

Nominations for other candidates are available for members only at

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