MMU Chooses @ULCC for hosting: ULCC users perform 4.5 mm Moodle actions per month!

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One of the largest non-partner hosting entities in the world is the University of London Computing Centre (@ULCC) which recently was bolstered by landing another major client, the 33,000 user Manchester Metropolitan University.

While a non-partner, ULCC is creating a huge value for colleges and universities in it’s ability and expertise in hosted Moodle environments.  Case in point, over 4.5 million Moodle activities are performed on a monthly basis via it’s data centers and hosted services.¹


Institution utilises hosted EQUELLA/Moodle environment to create a collaborative Learning Environment

University of London Computing Centre (ULCC), the UK’s leading provider of innovative e-learning services, and centre of excellence in the development and support for Open Source solutions and technology, today announced that Manchester Metropolitan University (MMU) has chosen its recently launched securely hosted Moodle/EQUELLA environment, to facilitate their successful transition to Moodle.

MMU will be the first UK institution to benefit from the unique partnership between ULCC and EQUELLA, which offers a securely hosted Moodle/EQUELLA environment, enabling the institution to develop a collaborative and interoperable virtual learning environment that complements traditional classroom learning processes.

“MMU’s investment in learning technology will produce cost-savings and improve the quality of academic life for staff and students,” said Bas ten Holter, Regional VP, The Learning Edge Europe. “Through our partnership with ULCC, the institution will now have ubiquitous access to digital learning resources via an intuitive central repository for accessing and sharing digital content, thereby streamlining teaching and learning processes.”

Specific e-Learning advancements of the new MMU online learning environment include: moving to the leading Open Source VLE – Moodle, an upgraded Talis Aspire Library Reading List system, an Apple Podcasting system, a review of technology specifications for all teaching rooms, and advancements in digital literacy initiatives.

“We have chosen our partners carefully and look forward to reaping the benefits of our improved collaborative learning environment” said Professor Mark Stubbs, Head of Learning and Research Technologies, MMU. “We expect the powerful combination of EQUELLA and Moodle to deliver our vision of a convenient, integrated and extensible core learning environment that will further enhance the quality of the university’s assessment and learning online.”

“ULCC now supports over 130 customers, helping over 650,000 learners from the HE, FE, ACL and WBL sector perform over 4.5 million Moodle activities per month” said Mick Kahn, Head of Application Services at ULCC. “We now use a range of applications alongside Moodle to offer a holistic and integrated e-learning solution and EQUELLA offered the right approach for learning objects and seamless integration with Moodle.”

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