Moodle 2032: What Has Been Moodle’s Killer Feature?

Moodle 2032

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Some of Moodle’s trademark Activities are, in longtime users’ eyes, the reason why they use the open source LMS and what makes it worthwhile, maybe uncontestedly so. For others, it’s not about a single Activity, but rather some of Moodle’s overarching design principles: interoperability, scalability, and the modularity to which it owes part of its name. A few innovative thinkers see in Moodle’s latest new features and upgrades (such as the revamped Question Bank, Moodle Mobile and Desktop, or the embedded Learning Analytics engine) the reason why the system deserves the support and appreciation of teachers, students, and people across learning organizations around the world now more than ever.

Here are the most recurring answers given by a selected group of prominent Moodlers to the request made by our very own Joe Thibault, fellow veteran, founder, and editor of, to question 2 in his “Moodle 2032” survey:

What features are most important to Moodle today, in your opinion?

  • Flexibility, “User Story” Adaptability, Modularity
  • The Grading and Feedback workflow
  • Moodle Mobile
  • Analytics tools
  • APIs, xAPI, LTI
  • The vast Plugin options
  • Its Scalability
  • The Question Bank

If the answers feel too broad, arguably it is by design. Moodle is seen as accommodating by many users in diverse use cases, across scales and organizational purposes. In the view of Stuart Mealor, veteran Moodler and Managing Director of New Zealand official Moodle Partner HRDNZ,

“Exactly which features are most important to you depends largely on who you are.”

Read the insightful answers in full to this and other questions about the future of Moodle in “Moodle in 2032: The past, present and future of the world’s most popular LMS” available in PDF.

More answers filed under “Moodle 2032.”

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