Moodle 2032: What Will The Moodleverse Grow Into In The Next 15 Years?

Moodle 2032

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In the fourth question of MoodleNews founder, Joe Thibault’s survey of expert Moodlers, we begin to witness seminal ideas as to where “Moodle the technology” and “Moodle the open movement” could grow.

What do you think the Moodle community will look like in 15 years?

Borrowing the ideas of Moodle’s founder, Martin Dougiamas, about how the best school should be the one right next to home, visions of Moodle place the LMS as the “de facto standard” in learning, for both physical and online classrooms. This means making it “even more global,” which arguably requires pushing the boundaries of what Moodle and EdTech are capable of today. Experts, veterans, and what are known as “Particularly Helpful Moodlers” have a clear role in making Moodle friendly or palatable for users, including those who will never become fans, as it has been over the past 15 years. As Moodle’s user base grows more experienced, the issue becomes how to ensure a generational transition that gives vitality and relevance to the platform and the next wave of new users.

In any case, the present strengths of the community, part of what has made Moodle the number one learning technology in history, should not be disregarded. In the minds of some users, a hopeful future is one where the community continues to be close-knit, active, and embracing.

Other perspectives include:

  • “A network of several hundred national Moodle Associations,” Don Hinkelman, Sapporo Gakuin University, Japan
  • Sustained quality of community-based support, “better than most paid solutions out there,” Emma Richardson, Moodle Users Association
  • “Support for new educational methodologies,” Jason Hardin, Blackboard
  • Evolution and growth of Moodle’s Premium Integrator Program, Ron Olsen, Remote-Learner
  • A larger role of corporations, Justin Hunt, PoodLL
  • “Visiting MoodleMoots from our sofas wearing headsets staring at a hologram of Martin Dougiamas. Just kidding (…)” A huge influx of users from the “New Moodle World,” Latin America, India and Africa included, Lewis Carr, AdaptiVLE
  • “Long-term planning” that keeps teachers upskilled and organizations focused, to prevent LMS switching, Chris Kenniburg, Dearborn Schools District
  • More technologists holding higher-level technical conversations, most definitely involving AI, as per Steve Powell, Lancaster University, UK

To read this and all the other answers in full, download MoodleNews’ “Moodle 2032” here.

More Moodle 2032 here.

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