Moodle 3.0 Has Arrived

Moodle 3.0 Release

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It is hard to believe that the first time Joe wrote about Moodle 3.0 was back in January of 2011 (before 2.0 was released!) when the initial planning document was created. At the time, Joe’s favorite suggestion about what 3.0 “could be” included an a module/plugin library with auto-installation possibilities.

As Moodlers around the world know, so much has happened in the last 4 years that it is impossible to recount it all (although that would be a fairly epic post). But what we do know is that 3.0 is now on the street (get it here!) and continues to build on the success of the world’s most widely used LMS. Here are some of the many new features now available, with something for everyone, as highlighted at

Teachers should be aware that:

  1. There are four new question types: 1) selecting one or more missing words (similar to the gapfill question type plugin), 2) Drag and drop text, 3) drag and drop text or images onto an image and 4) drag and drop pre-defined markers onto an image.
  2. There is a new report that allows teachers to see when documents were submitted to a workshop.
  3. Moodle 3.0 provides the date and time a file was uploaded.
  4. Teachers have access to improved filtering functions for participants.
  5. The inclusion of an action menu to ease editing, hiding, and deleting sections.

Under the hood for Administrators:

  1. You now have the ability to reset the dashboard and profiles for all users in your installation.
  2. Moodle has redesigned the update process for plugins.
  3. Tagging courses has been redesigned.
  4. A new security feature has been created to prevent anyone from accessing the upgrade screen without permission.

Users will notice:

  1. The Atto editor has been given a facelift with new equation possibilities and adding/editing tables.
  2. You can delete unwanted messages from your message list.

The Mobile app has also received a number of updates:

  1. Users can change Choices within mobile.
  2. Surveys are available and fully functional.
  3. Users can search courses.
  4. Users can enroll in courses.
  5. My favorite: users can now engage in chat on mobile.

Full details and instructions for each of these new features is available here.

If you want to download 3.0 and take it for a spin:

What is your favorite new feature in 3.0? Tell us in the comments below!

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