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Moodle 3.4 – The next major version of the Moodle project is ready for release on next Monday – 13th November 2017. Moodle 3.4 is focused towards improving the accessibility and usability of Moodle. The version is now under the Quality Assurance (QA) testing. At the time of writing, the QA testing is almost over with only 2 pending tests and 573 passed tests.
The new Moodle 3.4 will be released with other Moodle point releases of the currently supported versions like Moodle 3.3.3, 3.2.6 and 3.1.9.

New Features of Moodle 3.4:

The new Moodle will come with the following major features:

  • Inspire Analytics in Moodle core – Formerly a plugin, Analytics is now available in core, providing detailed descriptive and prescriptive reports to support learners at risk.
  • New filters for user tours – User tours may now be filtered by category, course and course format, making tours target more specific areas of your site.
  • HTTPS conversion – For sites converting to HTTPS, the HTTPS conversion tool converts your embedded HTTP content to HTTPS.
  • Better calendar management – Project contributed by Moodle User’s Association. Now, you can easily manage calendar events – including new category events- in a handy popup window.
  • Drag and drop calendar events – This MUA-funded improvement allows you to easily change events in the calendar by dragging and dropping them to new dates.
  • Private files storage display – When uploading files to your Private files, you now see how much space you have used, helping you to better manage your storage limit.
  • Improved Global search – If Global search is enabled, it’s now possible to search blocks and courses you are not enrolled in (but are allowed to view.)
  • Easier activity navigation – ‘Previous’ and ‘Next’ links, along with a jump-to menu make navigating around courses easier and more intuitive.

New Features for Teachers:

For teachers, there are also major improvements like:

  • More efficient user management – Teachers can now enrol, search, filter and bulk edit or delete learners from a new single Participants and Enrolments screen.
  • Mark activities as complete – A new capability ‘Override activity completion status‘ means teachers can manually mark as complete (or incomplete) activities for learners.
  • Helpful file type selector – When specifying required file types in workshops and assignments, a list of suggested file types makes the choice easier.
  • Tag database entries – Based on the improved tagging released in Moodle 3.3, students can tag the database entries.

I am very much excited to test drive the new Moodle 3.4. Which features makes you feel crazy about Moodle 3.4? Is there any feature which you would like to add to Moodle core? When you will upgrade your Moodle site to Moodle 3.4? Do share with us in the comments section below.

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