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The Australian Flexible Learning Framework hosted its recent Learn 11- E-learning conference and Tomaz Lasic presented a session titled “Level Up: Learning to Moodle with games”.  The session slides are available at  Definitely not as good as I can imagine Tomaz’s presentation was in person but the slides do include some cool ideas, illustrations and a really helpful video.

One of the best takeaways? If you’re trying to “gamify” Moodle remember that all games have a specific goal.  To use an example from the presentation, if you’re trying to make a game of staff learning Moodle the goal is not “100% of staff learn Moodle” the goal is “all staff earn 80 points in Moodle”.  From one of the videos, “learning is never the explicit goal”.

Presentation link:

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  1. Hi Joe, long time no hear and all that. I may have been quiet (read busy at my new school) but I remain firmly planted in Moodle community!

    As you suggest, the slides don’t do justice to live presentation, which was rather full of ideas from the audience with small ‘nudging’ on my part.

    The Action Mapping comes from the work of Cat Moore (@catmoore) in trying to avoid the info overload. I have simply (credited and) adapted it to a scenario of creating a ‘game’ with Moodle.

    The other significant ‘takeaways’ from the session would be:
    – This is not about online gaming per se or Moodle as a gaming tool (which it isn’t!) but rather about creating learning experiences with a particular mindset while using Moodle.
    – Keep in mind the GBL principles. I have distilled those from a conversation with several people whose work I read, follow and respect) at all times
    – Keep it simple!

    The thinking like a game part is harder than actually using Moodle (really just a simple combo of restricted access, conditionals and some funky tracking, quiz or gradebook features for the bold[est] among us!).

    At the session, the participants got to create a scenario. They came up with a task/goal: “Making a great coffee”

    It was great to watch them (well, us, collaboratively) turn what was a boring step-by-step manual into a game of risk (do I go for speed or quality?), rewards (badges) and mastery (“beginner” “barista to mafia” levels 😉 ).
    That, as you rightly point out, was the key, the magic of the session.

    But I hope the slides help out a bit…

    Big thanks and shout out to Sarah Thorneycroft for saving my bacon with her awesome Moodle Dailies (do look up her work, one clever cookie!) and my 6 year old son for playing Angry Birds and answering (NOT rehearsed!) a buch of annoying questions by his father.

    Cheers moodlers!


    PS. We hope to put Sarah’s Moodle Dailies on Mt Orange Schol Demo over the Xmas break.

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