SUBSCRIBE Reveals The Highlights Of 2017 Reveals The Highlights Of 2017

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The first equity deal in the history of Moodle, a “crystallizing” life event, the brand new Education team, and more events in a year when usability became the main focus of the development release, are some of the highlights of 2017 for the largest, open source LMS in the world’s history, as summarized at

Education for the Many buys a $6 million AUD stake in Moodle Pty Ltd

After careful consideration, Moodle founder and CEO Martin Dougiamas ended a 15-year streak of bootstrapping to accept the first investment into Moodle Pty Ltd. Terms and details remain undisclosed.

Moodle turns 15

A series of global Moodle parties were yet another opportunity to reminisce and wonder, including the ongoing “what’s your first Moodle memory” thread at the Moodle Forum.

MoodleMoots all over the world

The busiest year so far for Moots saw increased audiences in the UK, Brazil, Germany, France, Japan, Italy, Colombia, Peru, the US, and Australia, and reflected the consolidation of national Moodle communities (and EdTech markets) with the first ‘Moots’ in Dubai, Guatemala, Moldova, Poland, Serbia & the Western Balkans, Romania, Ukraine, and Russia.

Moodle 3.4 begins an era of user-centered development

Better late than never, the development team at Moodle HQ decided to ask users what they want before delving into feature development. The “Usability first” approach started with Moodle 3.4, but it is expected to continue well into the major releases in 2018 and beyond.

Moodle HQ’s new Education team

With Tom Murdock at the helm, plus Solange Lalonde, Bob McDonald, and Brent Parkin, this new division is tasked with making teachers and students more influential in the future of Moodle’s apps and solutions.

Rejuvenated Moodle Mobile 3.5 coming up in 2018

Not exactly a 2017 improvement but a next-year announcement, the Mobile team at Moodle HQ is looking to up the expectations and adoption numbers with a complete rebuild.

MoodleNet begins

The MoodleNet project, parts social media, OER repository, and possibly monetization platform, will be available from each institution’s Moodle site but will allow users from any site to interact and identify one another. Or it could end up being something completely different. 2018 will tell.

New “Learn Moodle” MOOC curriculum

The semiannual tradition of a Moodle basics MOOC is set to evolve into a comprehensive program, possibly with university support, that responds to advanced and specialized demands for professional development.

MoodleCloud expands with new “Starter” tier, quicker update schedule

Crossing over the 25,000-sites mark, MoodleCloud became a more dependable Moodle solution for individuals and small organizations. An affordable “Starter” plan with partial plugin compatibility shows promise as a possible stepping stone towards broader adoption of Moodle HQ’s own SaaS.

Read the summary “Moodle’s top ten highlights of 2017” at

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