Moodle Community volunteers required – Moodle 3.4 QA testing commenced #Moodle3.4

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Moodle 3.4 is the next major version of Moodle project, which is scheduled to be released in second week of November 2017. As a tradition to verify the new features and improvements, Moodle HQ team has organized the Quality Assurance testing for Moodle 3.4 prior to its release.
The Quality Assurance (QA) testing commenced today with more than 570 plus tests covering all new features and improvements coming in Moodle 3.4. The tests will facilitate the community members to manually test many of the features and functions of Moodle.

Quality Assurance testing:

Quality Assurance tests look at the functionality of Moodle from a user’s point of view. The quality assurance testing ensures that the new features introduced in Moodle core are working flawlessly and properly tested by real life users.
The target for completing this round of QA testing is in next three weeks with a 100% pass rate. If you would like to become a Moodle tester and get involved in the QA testing cycle for Moodle 3.4, you can join the Moodle testers group.  To join, post in this forum thread or else send a message to Helen Foster directly.

The guide to running the Quality tests is available here. It has detailed instructions to Pass/Fail or rerun the tests. There is also a Moodle testers badge for the community members who have helped with Moodle Quality Assurance testing by running three or more tests. So, if you are a Moodler, who wish to contribute to the Moodle project, then go ahead and test out some of the QA tests marked in the QA Tracker dashboard.
Click here to start the QA testing for Moodle 3.4 today!
Hope that all the tests will be cleared before the scheduled release date of Moodle 3.4. Are you willing to take part in this round of Quality Assurance testing? Do let us know in the comments below.

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