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Caught this on Twitter yesterday (thanks @wagjuer); it’s a comic style tips sheet for Moodle.   Not as robust or in depth as the Moodle Tool Guide for Teachers; but helpful (and fun) nonetheless.  I love the design and layout (maybe it’s time for an updated comic version?).  It was originally uploaded to in 2006 and created in part by Steve Noonkesser [link]:

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  1. I saw this a couple of days ago as well and definitely agree with you. It would be great if someone could produce something like this that we would print out in colour in A4. I’m not good with graphics to be able to do it myself.

  2. DO use the enrollment key to auto put students in groups!(secondary)

    DON’T feel like you have to use every feature!

  3. This is a great graphic and I would love to use it – HOWEVER, there is a typographical error in the first “Moodle DO!” The word ‘together’ is misspelled. What are the odds of getting that fixed and re-posted? {Thanks to the keen eyes of our assistant who spotted the error!{

  4. Penny, I’ll try connecting with the author, but otherwise will take a stab at updating and fixing that error and re-releasing. Look for it sometime this Fall!

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