Popular Questions Moodle Admins, Trainers & Support People Ask On Facebook (Roundup #1 — Pilot)


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We took a deep dive on the social media waters (before they dry out) and checked out what bugs or stumps users of Moodle and Moodle-based LMS most. Did we get stumped too? Let’s find out!

With over 2,500 members, the Moodle Admins, Trainers & Support People is the largest Moodle community on Facebook. Think of it as quick way to point and get pointed on the right track. Once you get a grasp of how Moodle works and have serious issues, you are probably better off on the official Moodle Forums.

You must be a member of the Moodle Admins, Trainers & Support People group to open the questions.

The easiest way to get started with Groups?

It’s a common denominator. Moodle lets you create your dream learning experience… as long as you find the corresponding menu item or setting.

Groups, however, are arguably among the easy features. After all, they are at the core of Moodle’s philosophical and pedagogical standings, namely Social Constructionism.

There are three types of groups, the most appropriate for the user above being “Separate.” This type makes groups invisible for users unless they belong to them.

Speeding up group creation is possible through the “Auto-Create Groups” option.

Generating custom student and course reports?

It is, arguably, a common question. In fact, one for which a number of solutions, mostly premium ones (that is, non-free) exist.

In fairness, if these are reports that you need to consult and update on a regular basis, a bit of custom development or an investment on a top-notch learning analytics and reporting dashboard might not be such a bad idea.

If you are keen to figure it out yourself, however, carry on! After all one of the main virtues of an open source environment is that you are free to explore every corner of it. And that includes the data.

All you need is some acquaintance with the relational database paradigm and the SQL syntax. Then, make use of the Ad-Hoc Database query plugin, one of the most dependable resources in the Moodle developer’s toolbelt.

Get a head start on your Moodle SQL forest journey:

Making students answer mathematical questions… in LaTeX format?

The compatibility with several mathematical notation and graphical syntax and interfaces is one of the hidden blessings of the Moodle.

(I firmly believe if STEM teachers were better represented in the digital technology procurement process, Moodle would get a much larger piece of the market share pie. Probably a discussion for another time. Happy International Year of the Periodic Table, everyone!)

However, while gorgeous equation layouts such as LaTeX are a great addition to the learning experience, there is not really a compelling argument for demanding LaTeX syntax in student replies.

Which is not to say there are great visually appealing choices to style math question and answering interfaces. WIRIS Quizzes offer a sleek interface for creating problems to be answers with equations, which the plugin can validate and mark as an answer. It offers a block-based interface as well as a handwritten mode, perfect for tablets and touchscreens.

Check out a demo of a WIRIS Quiz for Moodle here. A demo for the Canvas LMS is also available, check out access instructions here.

Ready for another round of advice for Moodle or LMS? Post your answer on social media or your favorite forum and we might get to it. OR just reach to us directly! Our inbox is one of our main driver of Moodle and LMS content, plus we personally reply to every single message.

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