Moodle Gold: 31 Video Playlist From MoodleMoot Ireland & UK 2016

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Moodle HQ has recently published a video playlist that features 31 videos from the MoodleMoot Ireland & UK 2016 (#mootieuk16). There is everything from @Moodler’s keynote to deep dives into practical application and processes. You can enjoy the entire playlist below:

The videos featured in the series are:

  • The road ahead – Martin Dougiamas
  • Addressing the student voice – Paul Dyson, Chris Meadows & Steven Williams
  • Incentives for adoption & greater use of educational technology – Michael de Raadt
  • How we redesigned the Open University’s Moodle – Sam Marshal, Jason Platts & Tim
  • Why we have redesigned (OU) Moodle – Louise Olney, Sharron Monie & Tammy
  • Assessment and Feedback Policy? – Michael Hughes
  • From Itch to Integration – getting changes into Moodle Core – Davo Smith
  • Monitoring you Moodle Service with Nagios – Michael Aherne
  • Updating a plugin: Making Question Practice Work with Moodle 3.0 – Marcus Green
  • Increasing VLE adoption at Middlesex University – Alex Chapman & Phil Miller
  • Stop worrying about SCORM & Love the Moodle Lesson Activity – Lewis Carr
  • Enhancing group assessment with Moodle – Sam Tayler & Aurelie Owens
  • Practical experiences from theatre studies programme – Jayne Richards & David
  • How blended are your programmes – Mark Glynn
  • Moodle in 2016 – Gavin Hendrick
  • Scaling up and branching out – from Totality to Connectivity – Fiona
  • Ten years and onwards: Moodle at the OU – Jenny Gray
  • Moodle Plugins used by the community – Michael de Raadt
  • Payment Gateways in Moodle – Paul Stevens
  • Trialling the My Feedback report at UCL – Jessica Gramp
  • Continually deploying Moodle with Component Manager – Luke Carrier
  • Streamlining online learning experience with integrations and interface design
  • Flexible Enrollment Automation with Plugins – Michael Aherne
  • Conditions and Restrictions Advanced Course set up – Anna Krassa
  • Simplifying the Moodle Experience – Joey Murison
  • A look at how competencies can be used in courses – Gavin Hendrick
  • Hosting Your Moodle Cloud vs Internal – Andrew Boag
  • Meeting the needs of Moodle in the Workplace – Gavin Hendrick
  • Home learning college campus refocus – a case study – Thomas Bell
  • Performance testing your Moodle – Matt Porritt & Andrew Boag
  • Using Moodle for MOOCs – Gavin Hendrick

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