Moodle Is The Ongoing Product Of Dedicated Professionals Worldwide

Moodle Is The Ongoing Product Of Dedicated Professionals Worldwide

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The sun never sets in the Moodleverse.

Born in Australia, the open source LMS quickly gained popularity in North America and Europe. Asia and Latin America followed suit later on. This year, MoodleMoots in the Philippines, South Africa, and Dubai are a testament to the few remaining frontiers Moodle has to cross.

What is also surprising is how this growth and expansion has not been the result of a deliberate push by Moodle HQ or its CEO and Founder Martin Dougiamas. While Dougiamas has always envisioned Moodle as a global tool, the adoption of Moodle in classrooms and other settings has evolved naturally. This is because advocates and developers have made it easier for teachers and learning organizations to do so.

The Moodle blog offers profiles of people who have made an effort in helping the Moodleverse grow. Here are only a few of them:

Juan Leyva, Moodle HQ’s Moodle Mobile team leader: Thanks to Moodle Mobile, a generation of “mobile-first” students now enjoys access to a technology that will enhance their learning and make it more productive. Moodle Mobile has also played a humanitarian role by better channeling aid resources and improving agricultural productivity.

Thom Rawson, Moodle Association of Japan: There is a seemingly under-the-radar, but very active and prolific, community for Moodle-based language teaching. Moodle is the only alternative LMS for dozens of languages, all thanks to volunteers collaborating on the AMOS tool. As an English teacher in Japan, Rawson is a witness to the variety of tools, activities, and approaches Moodle supports for language learning and he is a believer in the potential of regional or local groups and associations.

Aurelie Soulier, Cranfield University’s Senior Learning Technologist: It is not enough to have a technology that’s free and open for every student. It must also be adaptable enough to each context. This means the physical settings (and constraints) in which learning is taking place, but also each individual’s tastes, preferences, and rhythms. Having worked in many countries, Soulier is a testament to how Moodle can address the person and the organization’s needs to offer bottom-up learning solutions that are easy to implement and can translate and scale.

Read more worldly profiles in’s “Moodlers Monday.”

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