Moodle Marvellous: Improving Instructional Design and Increasing Usage at Weston College

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Weston College was aiming to improve the design of Moodle courses and increase the usage of the virtual learning environment so they redesigned their standards from the ground up to re-engage their teachers. In the past, Weston College had utilized a Gold, Silver and Bronze and the thought is that the standards had just become too stale for teachers to embrace. A rebranding and concerted outreach effort introduced three levels of Moodle course design: Moodle Must Haves, Moodle Marvellous, and Moodle Mind Blowing. Through a new communications strategy and follow up one on one trainings more and more teachers were engaged.

Over the course of the effort Weston realized increased usage and better course design. Weston used a combination of tangible recognition, audits, friendly competition and awards to further engage and encourage the new standards. According to the case study,

Staff are more proactively involved than they were before with the previous model and students have a VLE that is constantly evolving and providing them with the tools and support that they need.

Read more about Weston College’s efforts to improve Moodle usage and student experience at [pdf version here].

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