Moodle MOOC 5 Starts October 1st

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70332_largeIf you’re looking for a month long professional development opportunity that focuses on Moodle and tools used with Moodle the Moodle MOOC 5 on WizIQ may be your ticket. The course includes speakers and live events from around the world, a backbone of Moodle training resources, and guidance not only on Moodle in the classroom, but Second Life, Mahara, Google Drive and Apps for Education, Mobile learning and loads of other opportunities.

From the website,

Moodle MOOC 5 will start on October 1, 2014 on WizIQ. The theme of the current MOOC is collaborative learning, reflective practice, connecting online for instruction and learning. The MOOC will focus on connecting online for collaborative learning and teaching through Moodle, Second LIfe, Mahara, Google Drive Docs, and Google Apps, Mobile Devices, Virtual Classes, and other online learning environments for face-to-face, blended, and fully online learning. The live presentations will include the speakers’ reflective process on teaching and learning in fully online and blended learning formats.

Moodle MOOC 5 will also include Moodle for Teachers (M4T) courses for beginners and advanced Moodlers. The courses will be asynchronous (Moodle) and synchronous (WizIQ) with recordings on WizIQ (class link), YouTube (see playlist), and Vimeo (see playlist).

There will be two learning areas: WizIQ course area and Moodle for Teachers (M4T) Moodle website. The live online sessions and recordings, tutorials (courseware) and ongoing discussions (coursefeed) will be available in the WizIQ course area.

Unlike the traditional MOOCs that stress content and course delivery, Moodle MOOC will focus on active learning, reflection, sharing, and collaboration. The aim of the course is for the participants to learn through meaningful connections and social interactions. Participants who wish to receive a certificate of participation will be required to document their learning experiences by keeping a blog, wiki, website, or any other artifact that will include a description and reflection of the live sessions and/or recordings.

Registration and participation are free:

Teaser trailer:

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