Moodle Partner Network Expands to the Middle East with SmartWay

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smartwaySmartWay, a professional IT and eLearning services provided in the Middle East that has 8 offices throughout the Arab community and Middle East, has been granted official Moodle Partner status by the Moodle trust. This expands the network of partners and the global reach of software service providers working to provide Moodle solutions like hosting and training to institutions and organizations worldwide.

Checkout SmartWay at (English version)

SmartWay also sponsors this Saudi Moodle site which “contains latest moodle solutions and provide free hosting and support services for researchers and students”:


Moodle, the world’s open source learning platform, today announces SmartWay as a Moodle Partner across wider geographic areas in the Middle East. SmartWay provides elearning services and training to provide online educational environments ranging from global enterprises, government, and education to mid-sized and small businesses. Broadening the Moodle Partnership across all their regional offices, Smartway can provide official Moodle services to customers, while helping to financially support core Moodle development.

Smartway have officially been named certified Moodle Partners in Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Syria, Oman, Morocco, Turkey, Lebanon and United Arab Emirates. Already well established, SmartWay boasts major clients and projects with Tabuk University in Saudi Arabia, national e-learning portal for Bahrain, and the Saudi Royal Air Defence amongst many others.

As the Middle East continues digitizing education, the growth of the e-learning market sees major universities, government and large corporations with heavy investments seeking the services of online learning systems and providers.

Martin Dougiamas, Founder and CEO of Moodle, said “Smartway are long-time friends of Moodle and it’s great to see them expanding to other countries in the region. Their knowledge of Moodle and related open-source systems enables them to deliver high quality e-learning products to our clients.”

Ismaeel Mohammad Deeb hazouri, Director-General of SmartWay, said: “Smartway sought to be one of the pioneers in the open source E-learning industry, working with Moodle for more than seven years, to provide the best solution for more than 100 satisfied clients. Our expertise in local markets, our Arabic culture support, identifying and understanding customs and traditions of Middle eastern communities has granted us access to nearby markets such as, the UAE, Syria, Oman, Iraq, and Turkey which has a SmartWay regional branch staffed with a Turkish team, because we realized that the Turkish market needed additional support in adapting Moodle. Moreover, our huge strategic projects in the United Arab Emirates also called for official representation by SmartWay. As a result, our partnership with Moodle increased our market share by 70%.”

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