Moodle Security for Non Techies by Shane Elliott #iMoot15 #MoodleWorld #MoodleTip

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During the iMoot 2015 #imoot15 Shane Elliot, the Managing Director of Pukunui International, a leading online education services company, has shared his presentation about the security of your Moodle Site for Non Techies.
In the presentation he discusses the basic questions about the security of a Moodle site like “Is my site secure?” “Can anybody in the world see my course?” “I heard that the server got hacked – I don’t even know what that means!” “What should I do?”
Security is basically about the idea that those who should be accessing your site/course/content can, and those who shouldn’t be accessing it can’t. There are various levels of security and while it may not be necessary to be an expert in those levels, as an administrator/facilitator/concerned citizen it is good to be aware of what those levels are, how they affect what you are doing, and who should be taking responsibility.
You can watch the recording of the session below and directly on YouTube through this link.

The presentation is worth watching for 1 hour for all new Moodle administrators as it will clear a lot of security terms related to the security of a Moodle site.

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