Moodle Teachers – Create a question bank for practice easily by using the StudentQuiz plugin #Moodleplugins

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Moodle Teachers often find it a difficult task to create practice questions as it is hard to provide a large set of questions for all self-assessment and mock exams. That’s why quiz with practice questions is not popular among Moodle teachers. However, there are ways to add a demo quiz for practice but you will always struggle with the small set of practice questions.
Frank Koch – University of Applied Sciences Rapperswil, Switzerland have came up with an innovative solution to create the practice questions pool through student participation. The university have developed a new activity plugin named- StudentQuiz which enables students to collaboratively create their own question pools within Moodle.
Let’s say you have 30 students in your course and if each student contributes 5 questions, you could easily end with a large pool of questions which can be used for practice and become a part of the question bank.

Moodle Teachers - Create a question bank for practice easily by using the Student Quiz plugin #MoodlepluginsMotivating Students for Entering Questions:

Students can see the questions created by others and practice through them, they can also rate and comment on questions while working through the quizzes. The StudentQuiz activity collects usage data, and assigns points to students for creating questions and giving right answers to motivate the students for creating more students. Students get the point for following activities:

  • For adding a questions (default: 10 points)
  • For the average of stars received for a question (default: 2 points)
  • For each correct answer (default: 2 points)
  • For each wrong answer (default: 0 points)

Frank has also created a small demo video for the StudentQuiz activity which can be watched here –
You can download the plugin from the Github repository here and here and share your feedback in this forum thread.
I am very much impressed by the innovative idea behind this plugin and feels that it may help a lot of other teachers also so that they can provide self-assessments and mock exams more frequently to their students. What is your opinion about the idea behind this plugin and how useful it will be for other teachers? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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