Moodle User Association About To Crack 100 Members

moodle users association

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A conversation with a colleague earlier in the day directed my browser to this January article by Phil Hill over at e-Literate about the launch of the Moodle User Association. I think has some fantastic thoughts about the shifting landscape of the LMS marketplace and how the MUA and Moodle Cloud have the potential to be game changers if they ultimately mature as hoped.

This article made me wonder what the MUA looked like today. On day of the launch (when the press release went out) there were 44 members and four days later there were 51. Today, a few days over the one-month mark of the MUA, sees the membership at 97 (91 of which have made their information public):

  • Trademark holder
  • 1 Gold Member
  • 5 Silver Members
  • 6 Bronze Members
  • 84 Individual Members

Assuming the anonymous members are individuals, this equates to roughly $15,138 USD of revenue for the MUA. The membership breakdown isn’t surprising in the MUA model – we should expect to see many, many more small-scale individual members than organizational members – as you would with any investment structure of this sort.

The MUA has been busy and the 1st cycle for project development proposals is in full swing. There is even one successful project (ok, ok, it is the recycle bin, which was created as a test case from the early member group, but still).

We continue to view the MUA as one of the most exciting developments in the Moodleverse and hope you’ll join us in helping to shape the future of the LMS. With, literally, millions of Moodlers around the world, this could be one of the most powerful and engaging online communities around.

Will you join the MUA? Tell us why or why not in the comments below!

4 Responses

  1. Thanks for update and reference. I think you have the total revenue is wrong – should be closer to $81,000 USD.

  2. Thanks, Phil. Looks like the membership is at 102 now. Question: I’m having trouble arriving at your number, especially with the conversion from AUD to USD. Would you please share your calculation?

  3. In AUD: (84 pub ind * $100) + (7 pub bronze * $1000) + (5 pub silver * 2,500) + (1 pub gold * $10,000) + ($600 – $60,000 for private) = $38,500 – $97,900. Range depends on 6 private ones, one extreme for individual, other extreme for all gold.

    Conversion rate of 0.71 = $27,335 – $69,509 USD. I’m not sure how to guess the actual makeup of private membership, so let’s keep it as a range (although I’m guessing you have better info).

    Which means I have no idea at all where I got the $81,000 USD number. No more commenting on weekends for me 🙂

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