The Moodle Users Association Of The Now (Moodle 3.6), And The Future (3.7 And 3.8). MUA Chair December Newsletter

MoodleNews’ Joe Thibault Shares His MUA Committee Candidacy, Others Welcome

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It’s a new month, and you can tell this by another letter by MUA Chair Richard Samson. This time, he takes us forward into the future of Moodle, starting with just-in Moodle 3.6 and the big role the Association played in it. Then he shares his view on what will come next for Moodle 3.7 and 3.8. Buckle up!


For Moodle 3.6: Better Quiz Statistics and Customizable Display

For the first time, work from 2 MUA Development Cycles will feature in the release:

“Fix analytical tools for random quiz questions for consistency across use cases.” It will bring clarity to statistics on Quizzes made from random quiz questions. It was the winner of MUA’s 2018 January-June Project Development Cycle.

Moodle Users Association Votes ‘Course overview block in dashboard improvements’ As 2018 January-June Project

“Course overview block in dashboard improvements” was the winner of just this year’s January-June Cycle. Moodle HQ recognized the urgency for a more functional and customizable homepage for Moodle users. The Members’ choice was just the latest hint. As a result, pagination, drag-and-drop, and extended sorting, filtering and “starring” are now greeting Moodle users.

Enhanced Analytics Tools, Moodle Users Association’s First Voted In Project For 2018


For Moodle 3.7, the sky is the limit if within budget

The decision to fast-track the dashboard enhancements has left Moodle 3.7 without a MUA Project to join. While there is no rule saying claiming that every major Moodle release must have a project, Samson voices the Committees keenness “not to let any [upcoming] major release without a MUA contribution.” As a result, the best candidate for funding is the second most voted Project in the latest Cycle: “Ability to set activity dates based on course start/end date or enrollment date.A reasonably welcome feature that would allow for learner-specific dates and deadlines for Moodle courses. But one that might look more technically burdensume that it might sound. Samson writes,

«Moodle HQ like this project in principle too, and it has received much anecdotal support at MoodleMoots and in other forums. It therefore seems like a good idea to try to do it. But in order for that to be the case we need a detailed schedule of the work involved, and the price tag. It might be too expensive for MUA but even so it could be possible if it can be re-scoped or if HQ can share the cost with us.»

Check out Moodle Tracker Issue MDL-61209, “Ability to set activity due dates relative to course start or end date and enrollment date.”


For Moodle 3.8, a broader shot

The trepidation at MUA and Moodle HQ has led to the decision to extend the original run of the current 2018 July-December Project Development Cycle. Moodle HQ was committed to deliver cost estimates for the finalists early this month. When the final voting cycle opens, members will be able to support the following 8 Projects:

Voting season for MUA Project Development Cycle 2018 July-December is slated to run from December 19th to January 2nd, 2019.


Internal affairs

In other MUA matters, Samson notes:

  • There is talk about changing the general timeline of upcoming Project Development Cycles, to prevent the delays that were common on previous editions.
  • Member now have access to a “Town Hall Minutes and Recordings Database” here. Check out the latest stream, where Moodle HQ Open Source Coordinator Sander Bangma discusses the “Moodle Roadmap.” It was held last Tuesday, December 4th.
  • Connect to today’s Town Hall at 1 pm ET / 18:00 hours UTC following this link. No membership is required to connect.

Read “December newsletter” by Samson at

MoodleNews is a Moodle Users Association Silver Member, active non-stop since 2016.■

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