Moodle User Association Renews Committee Members And Adjusts Rules

Moodle Users Association - MUA

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The Moodle Users Association has kept busy. This second semester a lot of work went into selecting the new funding projects for improvements to the Moodle Core, following the success of the Recycle Bin for resources and activities.

The past month, preliminary voting for projects took place. Dozens of submissions were received, evaluated and voted on by members. The shortlisted candidates have an option to finalize project requirements until November 1st, followed by a Committee Review assessment that includes Moodle HQ estimations.

The final voting cycle will last throughout December. Stay tuned!

The leading MUA Committee was also selected. MoodleNews Joseph Thibault will continue to serve as a member.

Members also voted on changes of MUA’s workings about Projects. Members have different allocations of voting points, depending on their status and seniority. Membership has maintained a steady increase in the past year.

Voting on projects has been agreed to shorten from a month to two weeks. A unanimous vote supports more focused and efficient campaigns. Project submission window, on the other hand, has been extended.

A Roll-over Project type has been created. It gives MUA the ability to pause deployment of funding to Moodle HQ for a development cycle. This can only happen once a calendar year.

MUA’s “Common Seal” has been deprecated. Voting was also anonymous on the matter.

Sub-committees of Finance, Event Planning, Technology and Marketing have been created. MUA members can join them at will.

Suggestions about refining the Project Development Cycle, better synchronizing it with Moodle HQ’s schedule and perhaps developing “best practices”, are still open and will receive consideration once MUA plenary meets again.

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