Moodle Users Association August Copious Update

Moodle Users Association August Copious Update

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Nearly resolute not to continue on her tenure, Moodle Users Association Chair Emma Richardson refers to the many areas of action MUA is going into right now, heading out to the end of the year.

Some links are only available to MUA members. Join MUA and get voting rights immediately.

  1. MUA Town Hall on Tuesday the 14th. Join at 18:00 UTC for the second online meeting of the month. Last week, the online meet discussed new Project Development Cycle schedules and crowdfunding, new memberships for students, teachers and Moodle Partners, and the active Cycles. (More below.)

Take part of the Town Hall on this link.

  1. Committee Membership vote. Also on the 14th, nominations for the MUA Committee, from where the new Chair and other leadership roles will be later chosen, come to a close. To date, 11 nominees have signed up, including MoodleNews’ Joe Thibault. See them all and nominate anyone (including yourself) here. There is still hope for an eleventh hour’s change of heart by Richardson!
  2. 2018 January-June Project Development Cycle. Winner “Course overview block in dashboard improvements” (Issue MDL-61384), considered “minor,” is likely to be ready for Moodle 3.6 by end 2018. Furthermore, MUA funds may allow for the concurrent development of runner-up “Ability to set activity due dates relative to course start or end date and enrollment date” (MDL-61209).
  3. 2018 July-December Project Development Cycle. Project proposal season is open, until September 2nd. To date, one project has been submitted: “Add Common Cartridge and Thin Common Cartridge 1.3 Support to Moodle” (MDL-60803) by Stephen Bourget. Non-winning projects from past cycles and an Issue in the Moodle Tracker can easily re-submit by adding the “MUA_JUL_DEC_18” tag and re-submitting the project here.

The deadline for nominations is Sunday, September 2nd. First voting round opens the following Thursday, 6th. The winning project shall be known by December 19th. Find out more here.

  1. Wanted: Administrative & Project Support Officer. Read more here.
  2. View MUA’s Financials. In the second Quarter, MUA reports $254,417 AUD in total assets and $193,340 in net assets. Payments to Moodle HQ for concept of Project Development exceeded income from memberships, for yearly earnings of -$14,461. ■

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