Moodle Users Association Update: Project Specifications are due 5/2 (Future of the Lesson Module)

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The Moodle Users Association has continued to gain users and facilitate activity amongst its users over the last few months. The committee is working on finalizing upcoming meetings and elections and ensuring that the MUA is well represented at Moots worldwide.

The current activity project cycle is drafting and finalizing more robust project documentation for each of the projects which made the cut (in case you don’t remember these are the top 10:

  1. Progress bar – 3514
  2. Lesson Improvements – 3476
  3. Allow custom course fields (extend course metadata) – 3311
  4. Send Scheduled Messages – 3295
  5. Self Assessment & Peer Review – 3295
  6. Student alert for submission due dates – 3295
  7. Activity Bulk Settings updater – 3110
  8. Improvements to Announcements (formerly News Forum) – 3095
  9. My course – dashboard – 3063
  10. Combine “Enrolled Users” and “Participants” list – 2701)

Each project proposer is now charged with creating better documentation so that it can be shared with Moodle HQ for feedback and finalization so that the MUA membership has a good understanding of the cost and time frame each project might take (which will be relevant during the final voting cycle).

I’ve been working with Tom Wilson (member of the MNs Consortium) on Moodlenews’ project, the Lesson Improvements and there’s been a good discussion in the MUA forum on what aspects of the lesson should be upgraded and how and how many of those improvements could be included in this first round project. Currently, there are two aspects we are focusing on:

  1. update the user interface for the Lesson based on Adrian Greeve’s work: (which was an excellent suggestion by Mary Cooch)
  2. add support for the Moodle Question Bank in Lesson (note that this does impact branching which is one of the considerations that will need to be fleshed out more fully by Monday May 2nd).

Other possible lesson improvements have been cataloged here as well for the community to discuss and consider:

Since the MUA doesn’t represent every stakeholder I’ve also asked for feedback in the Lesson discussion forum on where anyone can comment: What do you think?

Interested in any of the above making it into Moodle Core? You can join the MUA today to participate for as little as $100 AUD to make sure that your vote and opinion help drive Moodle development.

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