Opinion – What if Moodle were more like Facebook? @zaidlearn

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Zaid Ali Alsagoff (@Zaidlearn) wrote a very provocative post recently about what he’s hoping Moodle can become (  The post was spurred by a Twitter-based conversation about #Moodlewish; an open solicitation for new Moodle features, functions and changes.

Zaid goes on to discuss the ability and process of posting links to Moodle and how other web 2.0 sites handle such a transaction.  For example, Facebook handles links quite easily (in terms of posting and editing) without ever reloading a page.  Moodle on the other hand, is nearly as flexible, but several page loads and manual formatting (not to mention the oodles of configuration drop downs and check boxes that are required to add a link or web page) can slow down and confuse the process substantially.

He showcases a video to illustrate the issue at hand, which I believe does a great job, not to show that one is better than the other, but rather to show that there may be easier ways to achieve the same end result.

It’s not to suppose the Zaid (or anyone else, myself included) wants Moodle to be Facebook (or any other web app, site or network).  But there are some new standards for usability that have hit the web on these “younger” sites.  Moodle is a decade old.  A lot has changed on the web in terms of usability and standards since it’s conception.  I think Zaid would agree that there’s room for improvement even for a product that’s already quite good.

Read more of the great post at:

3 Responses

  1. Dear Joseph Thibault,

    Thanks for being brave and sharing the provocative post with the Moodle community 🙂

    Also, readers might want to read why Moodle is an airport, and not a total solution post:

    Finally, how could we use both Moodle and Facebook to good effect (40 min slidecast 🙁 Watch slide 19 and onwards):

    Again thanks for sharing, and hopefully #moodlewish becomes a valuable source for feedback and suggestions to enhance Moodle.

    I know for sure, I will shoot ideas there, as they pop into my brain stream (converted to a Twitter stream). I will let the Moodle trackers track it down if they want 🙂

    Sincerely and Cheers!

  2. Zaid, I’m not much for bravery. What’s a site that posts Moodle news if it’s doesn’t try to represent the perspective that the envelope needs to be pushed? I love Moodle; but more so I love how it can be whatever we want it to be. Keep up the good posts.

  3. Now let’s see…has the Moodle community, Moodle developers or anyone done anything in response to the “brave” video? Erm..24 months have come and gone like a second. Anyone???

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