What happens before a Moodle version release – Check out the Moodle release process to know the insights #moodle

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Moodle – the best open source LMS releases a major version twice in a year packed with hell lot of new features and upgrades. The next version of Moodle i.e. Moodle 3.3 is all set to be released on 08th May 2017 and it will be packed with many leading features.
Did you ever wonder what happens before a new version is released for the Moodle users around the world? What is the process of including new features in the next release? What is the timeline to fix that? What happens after a new release? Today, I am going to share the release process of Moodle with all of you which tranquilize all these questions.

Moodle’s Release Process:

Moodle’s release process starts in the following way:

  • 8 weeks prior – Review latest version of the third party libraries
  • 7 weeks prior – Full demo of new code and sign-off for internal HQ projects. Decide which projects will be completed by the code freeze
  • 6 weeks prior – Create the next “X.Y+1” (next dev) version in the Tracker and Warn external developers about the impending code freeze.
  • 5 weeks prior – Confirm the code freeze and Write documentation on new features in the dev docs.
  • 4 weeks prior – Announce Beta release in forums and Start working on the release notes (template) of the upcoming version. Create new QA test cycle and post in development forum about QA testing. What happens before a Moodle version release - Check out the Moodle release process to know the insights #moodle
  • 3 weeks prior – Prompt developers to begin QA tests marked test_server_required. 
  • 2 weeks prior – Ensure all QA tests are completed and passed by the end of the week. Give Partners complete brandable Marketing pack for release including list and description of major new features. 
  • 1 weeks prior – Upgrade to beta release
  • Release Day – Verify release status, download pages and windows packages. Post update about the major and minor version release through Moodle forums.
  • 1 week after – Publish the X.Y+ packages for weekly builds for
  • 1 month after – Publish the X.(Y+1)dev packages for

To check out the complete process and responsible person for the activity – check out the Moodle’s release process here –
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