Moodle vs. #Blackboard feature comparison on Prezi

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Here’s another great presentation on which focuses on the features comparison (what’s the same and what’s new) between Moodle and Blackboard.

Enjoy the ride!

Presentation created by Christina Munoz:

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  1. Greetings.

    Thank you for posting this presentation. I’m sure it will help many instructors to make informed decisions on their learning technology choices. I would like to clarify some items in this presentation that although true in the past are not entirely up-to-date. In particular, I hope to provide clarification on where Blackboard supports certain capabilities natively or through free or for-fee plugins.

    – Games can be bundled inside of Blackboard via a number of tools. The most popular I’ve seen is via this tool
    – Wikis are part of Blackboard’s core product as of version 9.1
    – Automated certificates are easy via a plugin available here
    – You are correct that Blackboard’s glossary is not editable by students to prevent inaccurate, unverififed, or inappropriate entries from being created.
    – Blackboard 9.0 has native journal and blog capabilities. In addition, there is a popular commercial alternative to Blackboard’s core product blog called Learning Objects Campus Pack here Other Blackboard clients have developed their own integrations to existing WordPress and other blogging platforms
    – There are several podcasting alternatives for Blackboard clients to choose from. This is the most popular
    – Question Creation by students is supported by a popular integration available here
    – Blackboard has student portfolio solutions that work with ANGEL, WebCT, and both the current and legacy Blackboard LMSs. In addition, there is at least one client who has undertaken an integration with Mahara, the open source portfolio solution. There are also integrations with other commercial portfolio products such as TaskStream.
    – There are several options for tracking attendance. The most popular is via this plugin
    – The gradebook natively supports a very customizable layout as of version 8.0 that has been further refined in 9.0 and 9.1. (Documentation available here In addition, many clients have created their own grade reporting and custom grade and assignment workflow plugins. One of the more recent (and more interesting) is this anonymized grading assignment handler here
    – The login page and product CSS are completely and natively customizable as of Blackboard 9.0.

    It is possible to add many more activities via additional plugins with Blackboard just as it is possible to do so with Moodle. There are two places to search these plugins. indexes most plugins to existing commercial solutions such as WebEx, Adobe, and over 100 others. hosts over 130 free and open source plugins developed by clients for clients. In addition, there are over 1000 active Blackboard developers who have created local customizations and add-ons for their own schools. As this spoof of the Old Spice commercial states, “Anything is possible with Blackboard 9.” 🙂

    Thank you,

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