Moodle welcomes Praxis – education provider with 117 years experience as Official Moodle Partner in Denmark #Moodle

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Originally started as the school of Business schools back in 1900, Praxis have a great knowledge, century long experience and insights into the education sector. Moodle team has appointed Praxis as the First Official Moodle Partner in Denmark.
Now, both organizations will work together to increase the already popular use of the learning platform in the country and offer generations of educators and learners with strong resources that match the needs of the future.
Praxis’s journey with Moodle however started just 6 years back and in not such a long journey, Praxis are responsible for supporting the majority of Danish vocational schools with the learning platform. Now as an official Moodle Partner, Praxis can offer leading Moodle ecosystem to all their clients. Praxis will offer a number of Moodle services like development, consultancy, training, development of courses & theme, system integrations and reporting/analytics tools.
With offices in Odense (headquarters), Copenhagen and Aabenraa, Praxis focus is on developing products that best match the purpose and target audience, whether paper or digital, as well as being part of major development projects with organizations, regions, educational institutions, etc.
Moodle welcomes Praxis - education provider with 117 years experience as Moodle Partner in Denmark #Moodle
On this special occasion of partnering with Moodle as the official Moodle partner, Thomas Skytte, CEO of PRAXIS, said:

“More or less all Danish vocational students will come in contact with a Moodle installation run by PRAXIS, and our biggest Moodle site has more than 40,000 users. We are harnessing the power of Moodle to offer a world class learning platform.

We have assisted one of the biggest educational institutions in the country to run their exams on Moodle and internally, as an organization, we also use the software as our internal publishing platform.

So now, becoming a Moodle Partner and being a part of the entire Moodle ecosystem is the natural step for PRAXIS.

We look forward to working with and collaborating with all experts in the Moodle community to provide cutting edge Moodle services, including helping schools move to the Branded Moodle Mobile App.”

Dr. Martin Dougiamas, CEO & Founder of Moodle, commented:

I’m really happy to welcome PRAXIS as our latest Certified Moodle Partner.

Their knowledge, experience and insight in education, attained over a century of operation, will help to advance Moodle’s mission and commitment in empowering educators with a flexible and powerful tool to help their learners, and I’m really looking forward to us working together to help Europe move forward.

With the inclusion of Praxis into the Moodle partner network, the total Moodle Partners count rose to 88 all around the globe. Find out the nearest Moodle partner in your country here. For more details about the services offered by Praxis, check out their official website here –

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