What Is Moodle Workplace?

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Moodle Workplace, Totara and More Corporate LMS Pulse

Updated in November, 2019. More details have popped up about Moodle Workplace, officially and unofficially.

The official bits came mainly from Moodle CEO, Martin Dougiamas during the opening keynote of MoodleMoot Global 2019 in Barcelona; by Emilio Lozano, Workplace Product Manager, on a later talk (see feature video on this article) and by both on a team panel. Highlights:

  • Moodle Partners will also be involved in the development on a project basis
  • Moodle Workplace availabilty has been postponed to January 2020 through selected Partners only.

Unconfirmed rumors include:

  • “Top” Partners will be able to host their own Workplace instances and set pricing, while others would offer the version hosted by Moodle HQ directly and its price points.

Moodle has announced Moodle Workplace. It is the first Moodle-branded solution that will not be available for public download. While Moodle has not shared details about its licensing, it has confirmed that it not be open source, only available through the Certified Moodle Partners Program. It joins the slate of niche-specific LMS seeking for a size of the promising corporate territory.

Moodle Workplace is a cloud-based customization of regular Moodle optimized for “training and onboarding,” sharing knowledge and skillsets, organization-wide; and offering a flexible and customizable LMS that “reflects and strengthen your company’s processes and structure” to “maximize your learning and development strategy.” There are no details on the specific ways Moodle Workplace can accomplish the above that regular Moodle may not. A list of attributes, however, suggests some interesting add-ons on the works:

Last but not least, a feature named “Customise your reports” seems to imply Moodle is working on its own Learning Record Store (LRS, although here it’s called LRD for “DataStore”).

Moodle Workplace is set to become available exclusively through Moodle Partners starting on Q3 2019.

Read more, “Moodle Announces Moodle Workplace: The best of Moodle, fine-tuned for organisational learning” at

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