MoodleNews Founder Selected for Inaugural Moodle User Association Committee

joe thibault moodle user association committee

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I couldn’t be more pleased to announce, as our first post of 2016, that our very own Joseph Thibault has been elected to the inaugural Moodle Users Association Committee. Joe will serve as a committee member for the next year to help manage the membership, activity and finances of the Association.

As the founder of MoodleNews, now seven years ago, Joe is a perfect fit for this critical beginning time at the Association. Along with his passion for all things Moodle, Joe’s commitment to the LMS market will allow him to bring a community-focused voice to the table. This will be, of course, all in pursuit of a continued evolution and growth of the Moodle platform and ecosystem that will add value to those of you who use Moodle everyday at work and play.

What’s next is up for grabs at this stage, but as we know more, we’ll certainly post it here, as possible. I’m sure that after the first committee meeting, we’ll have a better picture of what is in store for the year ahead.

Of course, a service like MoodleNews doesn’t happen without the support participation of our community. As such, I am also pleased to begin this year with a most sincere thank you to everyone who has commented on our posts, taken part in our surveys, advertised, provided news and contributed in any way. I truly hope that you’ll contribute even more this year as we continue to provide the most comprehensive news about the world’s leading LMS.

Want to learn more about the Moodle User Association? Click here.

What are you Moodle-hopes for 2016? Share them with us in the comments below!

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