MoodleNews Year In Review: New Moodle Partners In 2016

MoodleNews Year In Review: Moodle Partners Geography Of Time

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It is that time of the year again. If you are new to Moodle, or MoodleNews, catch up with our end-of-year rankings.

2016 was a particularly active year. Advances in LMS penetration revealed up and coming areas of the world with young students and professionals eager to upgrade the way they learn and acquire new skills for all kinds of purposes. Educational institutions at all levels and corporate training demanded learning tech solutions, and Moodle providers were up to the task. New partners leapfrogged on new types of organizations finding value in custom-made LMS solutions.

Below, we review the partners that joined the roster of Moodle Partners, now 82 strong at this writing, throughout 2016.

February: eThink Education, USA and Dandian Software, China

Rapidly growing Baltimorean-based eThink launched in 2008 and quickly garnered some prominent customers in surrounding K-12 and high school districts, as well as corporate learning. Their practice of strategic alliances is part of their success and a signature they will likely follow through beyond 2017, some evidence of which is their most recent partnerships with automated remote proctoring system Proctorio, and video technology company Kaltura.

Read the official announcement at

See our news on eThink becoming a Moodle Partner.

Zhengzhou-based Dandian became the first partner on the most populated country in the world, a long time awaited news given the over 320 registered sites on the nation. Dandian launched in 2007 and since then it has expanded their offerings to new fields, such as optimization and curriculum construction; and places like Hong Kong and Taiwan.

Read the official announcement at

See our news on Dandian becoming the 73rd Moodle Partner.

March: LEO, Brazil; Vidya Mantra, India

LEO’s Moodle installations are characterized by their massiveness and international audience. In addition to their Rio and São Paulo offices, they have expanded intercontinentally to Brighton, London, Sheffield, Zürich, New York and Bloomington during their 10 years of existence.

Read the official announcement at

See our coverage on LEO becomiing the 74th Moodle Partner.

Moodle CEO and Founder visited Delhi to personally award the 2008-founded company. The 2,110+ Moodle installations by customers, which for Vidya Mantra include NGOs and small businesses along the usual suspects, make of India an ideal destination to begin a quest for a vision of “a world without ignorance“.

Read the official announcement at

See our coverage on Vidya Mantra becoming the 76th Moodle Partner.

May: ioMagazine, Japan

The Japanese schools is a tightly competitive market where nobody rests in gaining an edge. Est. 2007 “io” took advantage of the multi-language capabilities of the Moodle LMS, and to this effort it became a certified player and the provider of choice for multi-cultural learning solutions.

Read the official announcement at

See our coverage on ioMagazine becoming a Moodle Partner.

June: eDaktik, Austria

Born in 2003, eDaktik was blessed by the convergence of a passionate local community of Moodlers and a marketplace with a degree of openness. Organizing and sponsoring Moodle events seemed like a no-brainer . Universities are an eDaktik’s stronghold, most prominently of all the Vienna University of Technology; private companies ―case in point Austro Control― and the government are also worth noting.

Read the official announcement at

See our coverage on eDaktik becoming Moodle Partner.

September: Edu Labs, Colombia

Created in 2011, it is one of the youngest partners to gain accreditation by Moodle. It is the first local partner and second servicing the country. A multi-disciplinary team in one of the warmest Moodle communities has made presence in universities, government offices, NGOs and organizations that promote digital culture and use of ICTs nationwide.

Read the official announcement at

See our coverage on Edu Labs becoming a Moodle Partner.

Noviembre: Inserver, Spain y Atypax, Peru

Looks lite it was Spanish month at Moodle.

A true startup, Inserver became the fourth partner in the largest Spanish-speaking Moodle country, a favored destination for e-learning in 2017. Despite their youth, recognition has come early and often for them, most honorable of all their Best E-learning Startup Award in 2015.

Read the official announcement at

Relive the moment with our coverage on Inserver becoming Moodle Partner.

Like Colombia, Atypax became the first local partner and second to Blackboard’s Moodlerooms. Founded in 2012, Atypax Technology + Design approach extends beyond corporate software, delving into next-gen fields such as virtual and augmented reality solutions for learning. Atypax clients include one of the largest banking and insurance holding in the country.

Read the official announcement at

See our coverage on Atypax becoming a Partner.

There you have it. You can safely expect new Partners from any corner of the earth throughout 2017 and beyond; and no matter when the next one shows up, you can also expect MoodleNews to be there in coverage. Cheers!

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