Moodlenews Year In Review: New Moodle Partners In 2017

Moodlenews Year In Review: New Moodle Partners In 2017

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2017 was a reaffirmation that the future of Moodle (and many other open source learning technologies) is strong in the emerging parts of the world. This holds true in Asia above all, but with interesting developments in Africa, Latin America, and Europe as well. Existing partners also expanded their reach across countries and even continents. It was also the year in which the Moodle Premium Integrators program launched, distinguishing high-quality solutions easy to plug into a Moodle site, especially by Moodle Partners. The layer of marketing and support by global partner network was instrumental in Moodle’s milestone of 100 million users worldwide reached early this year.

March: ADAPTA Brazil

ADAPTA, a 15-year old, all-encompassing Moodle provider, was awarded “Official Moodle Partner” status. This means ADAPTA can offer their Moodle services with Moodle HQ’s official support (…) ADAPTA is the fifth Moodle Partner in Brazil and the 87th globally. In the country, it works with clients like IBM, British Gas, and government offices such as the Aeronautics Ministry.


June: PRAXIS Denmark

A distinctive feature of PRAXIS’ publishing process is the ability to deliver every aspect of the development, production, and commercialization of content. Dedicated staff, including marketing and software specialists, use their knowledge in support of customers. PRAXIS is always willing to listen to anyone with a new idea for a product, a book, or any new potential form of cooperation.


July: Human Science Japan

With the Moodle Partner distinction, Human Science consolidates a 30-year history of supporting internationalization through the world-class symbol of openness and flexible learning that is Moodle. The company has helped multinationals such as Microsoft, HP, Fujitsu, and Apple make dents into the Nippon enterprise culture. It will also be key in introducing local universities, such as The Open University Japan, into the world of learning and EdTech.


August: Catalyst UK

The New Zealand e-learning platform and consulting development company is expanding its Moodle Partner status to their UK branches, according to a press release on This makes the UK the third country with a Catalyst presence, following New Zealand as the nation’s first and then Australia.


September: Titus Learning Hong Kong, UK

The Partner status in Hong Kong solidifies Titus in the region and allows them to plant the flag as the first Moodle Partner on the island. Titus’ Partner status in the UK gives the company a truly global scope and places it in exclusive company as one of only 12 who have Partner status in more than one country.


eThink Education Canada

eThink Education provides all-encompassing, fully-managed LMS solutions, including implementation, cloud hosting, systems integration, and consulting. Active partnerships with Student Information Systems and its recent status as a Totara Partner make of eThink a key ally for learning system implementations at any scale.

Disclaimer: eThink Education is a sponsor of MoodleNews.


October: 3ipunt Spain

In the field of analytics, 3ipunt claims to be an expert in xAPI and Caliper. Their most visible accomplishment is the Learning Analytics service for Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (UOC), a publicly funded open university and Catalonia’s largest. 3ipunt’s Learning Analytics service allows researchers to “support experimentation” through application development and anonymized data sourcing for design based on evidence.


December: WIDE Services Greece

As CEO Yiannis Arapoglou asserts, the move is a “natural progression.” The business and academic ties between the two countries [Greece and Cyprus] are strong, bolstered by a common language and millennia of joint history. Many of the existing WIDE customers already have a presence in the island nation, such as Vodafone and Kleeman elevators. Other clients of WIDE include the Athens International Airport, the Hellenic Aerospace Industry, and Dixons South-East Europe.


EDUdigital Portugal

Founded in 2008, EDUdigital offers deployment, development, training, and gamification, among other Moodle-centered services. For Executive Director Ricardo Santos, being part of the Partners roster means getting access to a global network of open source learning, from which their customers, mostly higher ed institutions, with a few local and international corporations (KPMG, Standard Bank, BCI, and Instituto Camões, just to name a few) only stand to benefit.


PosBoss, Taiwan

PosBoss Information Technology Corporation Becomes Moodle Partner In Taiwan

Starting in 2010, PosBoss has built a reputation for “affordable and powerful learning technologies,” making the decision to adopt Moodle a reasonable one. Since then, customers like Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company, along with an assortment of more than 50 industrial, medical, financial, and university organizations have praised PosBoss’ one-stop solution to online learning supported by Moodle, from LMS customized deployment to instructional content authoring and reselling.

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