Moodlepreneur Monday: The State Of Moodle Video Business

Moodlepreneur Monday The State Of Moodle Video Business

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“Education video platform” Kaltura has released the “State of Video in Education 2018” report, the first annual edition. 820 survey respondents, mostly instructional designers, educators, and IT admins, share their views on video, which should serve as a reference or source of inspiration for the Moodlepreneurs out there.

Three main sections make up the report: Usage, Technologies, and Value. Introductory questions show 97% consider video “important,” which also covers the importance of video literacy and “digital literacy.”

Usage: Many gaps to fill

For 61% of the student population, 10 to 50% of teachers incorporate video in their curriculum. K-12 teachers seem to be slightly ahead in this category. In general, video is a resource provided by the teacher rather than an activity. In the best case scenario, K-12 again, 60% of students have video creation activities less than 25% of the time.

The main reported uses of video are not surprising:

  • 82% see videos in their classroom
  • 74% get videos as supplementary material
  • 69% get videos as part of assignments
  • 68% get video captured from previous lecture
  • 57% get video for “external” purposes, including admissions and marketing

Video seems important in special events, live and on-demand. Video as a tool for assessment and feedback is limited. Compared to previous reports, rates of lecture captures and internal institutional use are on the rise.

Technologies: Mind the concentration

Also unsurprising, 70% of video is hosted on public sites (YouTube). 56% use a third-party integrated into an LMS and 39% use their LMS default video tools. 66% use more than one solution.

Cost, usability, and compliance are important factors when choosing a video-supporting platform, but the majority (33%) wants a “comprehensive solution” that incorporates them all.

Access to video production resources are generally high among faculty and students, with staff support having the lowest availability. (88% of teachers and 70% of students deem it “Fully available” or “Somewhat available.”)

“Advanced features” are also plentiful: closed captions, mobile apps, synchronized slides, and in-video quizzes are widely available.

Value: Business or user-driven (not always at odds)

High percentages of respondents associate video use with quality of recruitment of both students and teachers. Video is considered by the vast majority a tool that improves efficiency and “smoothness” in processes such as onboarding; as well as senses of satisfaction, collaboration, and “institutional affiliation.”

Respondents predict the following technological advances in video to be the most important for education:

  • Interactivity
  • Self-paced curricula
  • Analytics
  • Auto-scoring
  • VR, AR, and 360° video

Technical Details

54% of the survey respondents belong to a 4-year college, and 74% are based in the US (12% in Europe). The survey sample was evenly distributed among school size.

Get the full report at

For Moodle, Kaltura offers the Kaltura Video Package plugin. In addition, Yamaguchi University offers an unaffiliated plugin family, composed of the YU Kaltura Media Resource, YU Kaltura Media Assignment, YU Kaltura Media Gallery and YU Kaltura Media Local Libraries, all compatible with Moodle 3.5. ■

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