#Moodlewish Wrap Up: Let us know what you think

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So we collected a quality list of Moodlewishes by participants over the last two weeks as part of our iMoot ticket giveaway (you can still register btw).  Here’s a quick run down of some of the best submissions:

  • Full editing and management functionality on mobile devices
  • Quick reference to see how large courses are (at a glance)
  • Had drag and drop functionality (can’t wait for 2.3)
  • A better file management system, allowing for easier file deletion, modifying.
  • A built in upgrade utility (similar to WordPress) at least for point releases. Being able to so easily upgrade the core and third party plugins would make it a lot easier for non-technical audiences to experiment and explore Moodle, and to keep it up to date and secure.
  • Anonymous Grading (for exams and assignments) to eliminate bias (this sounds like a module)
  • Could be offline as well as online.
  • Had the ability to assign graders, like in Lightwork! []
  • To emulate Facebook in embedding URLs and recognising the images or videos that come with the URL.

Moodle 2.3 is bringing usability to the forefront of Moodle; but these suggestions are definitely others to consider (and some are very low handing fruit).

What do you think?  Is there something on the list that should be included?  Are you working on something listed above?

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