The Most Popular Moodle Video Stories In 2018

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There is no argument against the rise on video content. On social media and classrooms alike, video content is becoming a basic necessity. But the medium itself is evolving, and so are both the approaches and businesses.

It felt natural to begin our best of the year review by taking a look at the most popular Moodle-related videos. We have mentioned some of them, but many skipped our radar. It speaks volumes about the size of the Moodleverse!

The silent, non-English majority

Here are some videos that deserve acknoledgement but on which we cannot say much. The main reason is because they are not in English. In fact, the most popular Moodle video on YouTube is a free course intro in Portuguese. Spanish videos are consistently popular, spanning from all over the Latin American continent. In any case, chances are there is a Moodle video on your language of choice.

64k views Curso Moodle Gratuito 2018 by Marcelo Claro. Learn more at

30k views Moodle Mobile by Dulmaa Ganbold. A Russian speaking introduction from a Moodler in Mongolia, which seems to work or be involved with the country’s Ministry of Education, Culture, Science and Sports. Check out the Moodle site at

13k views Tutorial para crear un curso en Moodle by SUBITUS. If you’re in Mexico City, check out their in-person Moodle training. Other popular videos in Spanish include tutorials by the Colombian Police (12k) and Guatemala’s Universidad Mariano Gálvez (10k)

9k views Membaca inisiasi/materi Tuton UT oleh mahasiswa (moodle versi 3). An introduction to Tuton, the name for Universitas Terbuka or Indonesia Open University in the state of South Tangerang.

Official Moodle content

Moodle HQ seems to start paying attention at the needs of the Moodleverse, with clearer, shorter videos that are easier to follow. A welcome first step. A permanent challenge for Moodle videos is their relative short lifespan given the new releases schedule, which could also represent an opportunity for continuous polishing.

What is Moodle?

Moodle 3.5 Overview

Finding your way around: Moodle 3.4

Dashboard: Moodle 3.4

Finding your way around: Moodle 3.5


Our most popular Video stories of 2018


Sill Pontes’ work is world-class quality when it comes to getting out of H5P exactly what teachers and her clients are looking for. Her appearances at MoodleMoot Brazil, a display of skill, creativity and beauty, are routinely packed, which is just a glimpse of the blooming interest and demand for highly interactive learning solutions. It’s definitely an interesting time for a Senior Instructional Designer in the emerging nations!

While the video covers an advanced topic, namely “Adaptive Lessons,” we thought it could be interesting to provide the contrast that is the Simple Lesson plugin. It exemplifies that virtually anything is possible in Moodle, including the making learning experiences dead simple.

What happens when everyone has an LMS? Perhaps time to look into the next wave of value generation for teachers and students. EdTechnologists shares his take on the things that would set the tone of 2018, in which he counts AI, machine learning, and not much else. You can still have fun checking how right his predictions were, if at all.

Prominent Moodler Gareth Barnard, formerly an ubiquitous dweller of the Moodle Forum and other spaces, seems keen to get back into the spotlight. While the video is old, the rejuvenated “Shoelace” theme sports a young soul, with the latest in GDPR compliance and other key 2018 Moodle upgrades.

It was another bountiful year for Moodlers, especially those who seek a great K-12 theme solution. You can always take Chris Kenniburg’s playing around with the latest Moodle release for amazing results to the bank.

There is an undeniable perceived disparity when it comes to Moodle functionality. Oftentimes it seems like legacy, while others the tools they provide are so good they should be available outside the LMS scope. While it is not realistic that the Moodle Book activity takes over PDFs anytime soon, quality of its features and integration with the virtual learning environment are not the reasons why.

The sudden, hasty-looking split of the long-time partnership, by many accounts the most successful and substantial Moodle HQ has ever had, made people turn their heads in bewilderment. It seems necks that want transparent business data from HQ will stay askew for a while longer.

In what is possible the largest experiment involving applications of behavioral science for learning environments, thousands of Moodlers flocked to us for advice on how to set up this font in their Moodle sites. Will it really heighten student reading retention? We can’t wait for you to let us know!

2018 consolidated in everyone’s head that data protection and cybersecurity are full-time endeavors. Okay, it probably did not but it should! Breaches and attacks (with schools being a special target), ransomware, big tech subpoenas and even cyberespionage were all the rage this year. Not scared enough? Let us ask the FBI for help.

Admittedly and regrettably, 2018 was not the year of the Moodle chatbot many among us expected. But the fact that this was by far our most popular video story only highlights the sustained interest for next-gen algorithms that become dependable assistants for every kind of student. If Moodle cracks the chatbot code, it might potentially open an entirely new frontier in (open source) learning technology.

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