Music Has Gone Digital. Why Not Music Education?

Music Has Gone Digital. Why Not Music Education?

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Unlike other practical trades that place in Moodle or other LMS the theoretical elements, the educational portfolio by the International College of Music is 100% Online. As it reaches increasing levels of recognition, academically and industry-wide, the question in everyone’s mind is, how do they do it?

Located in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysian ICOM Online took the brilliant, and obvious in hindsight, step to bring musical education online. After all, no industry has been disrupted by the internet so distinctively. A still-rising number of streaming platforms, giving voice to artists from any place and condition, in Asia and the world, push the stakes for competition and diversification at once. Blockchain, the technology behind Bitcoin, and its “Fair Trade Music Format” that allows direct payment, could land a blow to piracy.

With this landscape, it made sense for ICOM to invest in digital presence with a range of courses in contemporary music and production.

Academically, ICOM has made efforts to sustain a high reputation. Perhaps its best acumen was the “Curriculum Transfer Agreement” signed with Berklee, one of the most renowned music colleges in the world. Teachers are also known and awarded musicians or industry professionals from all over Asia.

While it plans to open physical campus offerings, they have found in video recording a critical activity when students are validating their hours of deliberate practice, not to mention an invaluable evidence of skill progression. Students record themselves after watching instructional videos, sometimes of professional music practitioners. Teachers review the videos and provide feedback. Often the students check their video before submission and can see some issues by themselves. They can make a new attempt to record, increasing their practice and saving their tutors’ time. At the very least, it has at least as many benefits as downsides, compared to a face-to-face group lesson.

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