6 new features coming in Moodle 3.3 will make it the Most awesome Moodle release till date #Moodle3.3

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Moodle 3.3 – the next Moodle version to be released in May 2017 is all set to make it the most exciting release of Moodle till date. The new version is composed with many leading features which will take Moodle miles ahead from all competitors.
The new version is scheduled to be released on the Second Monday of May i.e. 8th May 2017. The new features are picked from the feedback provided by the Moodle community. The new features and improvements are focused on improving the Usability, Administration and Analytics aspects of Moodle core.

New features coming in Moodle 3.3:

Check out the new features coming in Moodle 3.3 below:

  • Project Inspire: – The Learning analytics project in intended to identify and validate indicators of student, teacher, and institutional engagement in educational activities for developing learning analytics software features. Project Inspire will offer Learning Analytics within Moodle core. Check out the Project Inspire community for more details.
  • My Course Overview Improvements – The project funded by the Moodle User’s Association, My Course Overview improvements project will give a better overview on what is going on in a course, without students/teachers having to go to the course. For more details, check out the developer documentation here.6 new features coming in Moodle 3.3 will make it the Most awesome Moodle release till date #Moodle3.3
  • Office Integrations – The project to integrate all office suites to integrate with Moodle including G-suite and Microsoft Office 365. Find out more about the Better Office Integrations project here.
  • Font Awesome Support – Moodle 3.3 will have built-in support for Font Awesome icon set. The fontawesome usage provides a number of benefits like –  fewer http requests, sharper scaling, color can be adjusted with CSS, efficient caching etc. Find out the progress here.
  • File API improvements for Cloud – The Tracker issue to move file-system specific components of file_storage and stored_file to new overridable API. Check out the Moodle tracker issue here.
  • Plugin interface for file conversions (unoconv) – Another feature to improve the overall platform, the project is intended for making the File conversion API into a plugin interface.

I am eagerly waiting for Project Inspire, My Course overview improvements and Better Office integrations project to launch in Moodle. Which features of Moodle 3.3 makes you most excited and why? Share your views with us in the comments section below.
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  1. Hi Ramy,
    Let us hope that you find all these features more exciting than anticipated.

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