Now Available: Access Blackboard Collaborate with the Ultra Experience directly from Moodle

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Module Blackboard Ultra ExperienceMoodleRooms has recently posted a new Activity Module to that allows users to move directly into the Blackboard Collaborate with the Ultra Experience without leaving Moodle. From MoodleRooms:

They don’t need to install Java or download and open Java-reliant files to their devices. The session opens in a new window or tab, depending on a their browser settings… When you install and enable the module, your instructors can add Collaborate to their classes. They can create virtual classrooms, offices, and meeting spaces to engage their students in a more collaborative and interactive learning experience.

(Note: while the above is referring to the MoodleRooms’ environment, the functionality should be essentially the same in other environments.)

The Ultra Experience is recommended for instructors who want to engage with individuals or small groups in a newly redesigned browser based conferencing system (think Google Hangouts). If you’re leading large groups or providing “deep teaching,” the Original Blackboard experience is recommended.

A critical note: you must have a Blackboard Collaborate license for this module to function. The “Ultra Experience” was unveiled only recently at Blackboard World 2015 as part of Blackboard’s focus on improved usability and user experience across their product line and including their flagship LMS, Blackboard Learn. Check out Blackboard’s explanation of the “Ultra Experience” here or below in a video.

Have you used this module yet? How about Blackboard’s Ultra Experience? Tell us what you think in the comments below!

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