Opinion: Why the rush for #moodle2 when what’s available is so good?

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I’m guilty of hyping the soon to be released beta preview.  But it’s only because it’s the NEXT BIG THING for Moodle.  That being said, there really is no reason to pressure the Moodle HQ team to release before they’re ready, and here’s why:

  • Moodle 2.0 is a major release.  Big changes take a lot of time.  As someone said in the forums releases have been delayed in the past, but the real damage occurs when a release hits the streets with major bugs.
  • 1.9.x is one of the best Moodle releases.  Ever. If you’re considering a move to Moodle from another LMS, this is the distro that you should be aiming for right now.  It’s flexible, has 100s of plug-ins, modules and blocks (not to mention full courses, glossary xml files and database templates) that you can use to bend Moodle any way you please).
  • A beta release doesn’t necessarily help move the community any closer to a legit, stable release (it might even slow development down).

I’m as excited as anyone for 2.0.  All the enhancements and changes will only improve what’s a great product already.  Patience is a virtue.  Check out where the feature set is at by looking at this document:; or check out the Moodle2.0 roadmap to tide you over until the official release:

Though MoodleMonthly will continue to publish Moodle2.0 related materials until the beta preview is out.

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