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Online learning has been popularized by the pandemic and is here to stay, as it is seen as a support for training workers in companies and for student learning. 

That is exactly what Motrain wants, to improve the online learning and training of its users, both employees and students. 

Motrain is an LMS gamification platform, although its creator prefers the term “Motivation Design.” It was designed to increase course completion rates, and in turn create a closer and more dynamic relationship between the student or employee and the institution in which they are taking the course. Motrain wants to help organizations to expand training initiatives.

As an organization, Motrain is aware of the several shortcomings regarding e-learning, such as lack of participation, people deciding not to finish their courses because they are not face-to-face, and in general the consequences of facing a radically new experience for the majority of humanity, which is learning and working online.

Today, Motrain seeks to help institutions and companies solve these shortcomings in order to improve the results of their training programs. Thus providing a new and attractive way to create connections between institutions and their students or workers.

Jeff Campbell, founder and director of Motrain, tells us about how to optimize your educational program with personalized rewards. He explains the importance of making your customers feel attracted to what you as an institution or vendor offer and that this engagement relationship remains stable. 

Campbell makes the comparison between internal training and customer training. According to him, customers are not required to do their training; it is not mandatory, there are no consequences and therefore Motrain trains with the objective of attracting people’s time to come and participate in its content.

The Motrain approach 

What they have done, is they have added a virtual currency to the LMS and that currency is earned by the learners based on competency-based criteria so by default, Motrain listens for completion events that occurred for activities and courses as set by the client or user in the LMS, then the learner will earn the value of the coins associated with that and that’s just a placeholder. And the learner will have these coins that are redeemable and that in turn will allow them to have instant feedback and this for the purpose of motivating the learners. 

Those coins that were earned by the student can be spent in the Open LMS site’s virtual store, where any item or opportunity can be offered, allowing students to purchase goods or opportunities with their earnings.

Motrain’s goal with this coin reward is to manage the economy by moving students beyond the basics and incentivizing them to earn greater rewards for their hard work. 

With Motrain, not only the student benefits, but also the learning manager, since through an integrated dashboard, the educator can manage all the information in one place and even in different languages. And best of all, Motrain is adaptable to the platform the customer wants to choose. 

According to Jeff, Motrain customers or users have increased by 1500% and those same customers have reported that the course completion rate of their trainees has also increased by 3500%.

How does Motrain get trainees engaged? 

According to Jeff, it is all based on the strategy of rewarding the learner when he or she has completed a task or assessment. In other words, a reward program based on learning. Who doesn’t like to be rewarded for something done correctly? 

Through this strategy, the trainees begin to have a kind of commitment to the course they are taking and from there, issues such as punctuality, organization and tasks are delivered in the estimated time. All of this during the course until the end of the course. 

Motrain is in a constant quest to expand its network of partners in order to encourage online learning participation and motivation to learn at home. Also Motrain has as a target focus to focus on the most seen needs in the LMS which are the numbers of enrollments to the virtual courses, improve the completion rates of the courses, and finally as mentioned above Motrain seeks that the customer-user relationship is strengthened and that there is a personal connection between them. 

If you want to learn more about Motrain visit their website and sign up for a free 14-day experience. 

You can also contact Jeff: jeff @

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