Overcoming the challenges impeding technology adoption in higher education through Digital Learning Thresholds #Moodle

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During the recently concluded Innovate & Educate Teaching & Learning Conference 2016 by Blackboard in Sydney, Australia; Lynley Clark (Blackboard) along with Denise Spanswick from University of Wollongong presented about their experiment to create exemplar Moodle sites using Digital Learning Threshold (DLT’s).
In 2015, the University implemented a set of minimum expectations and good practice elements called the Digital Learning Thresholds (DLT). The DLT strategy supports the principle that all students will have access to digital learning and both staff and students have clear expectations about the use of digital learning within the curriculum.
The strategy which is a component of TEL (Technology Enhanced Learning) has been developed to enhance the learning experience of students through the incorporation of minimum expectations and good practices in digital learning.
The session demonstrated that how the team has worked together to incorporate the DLT elements into examples of activities and resources within a Moodle site with the aim of providing a model or exemplar to develop staff’s understanding of digital learning in a way that could more easily translate to their own subject development and an exceptional learning experience for UOW students.
You can check out the presentation below.

Check out all the presentations from Innovate & Educate Teaching & Learning Conference 2016 here –
Have you also used the DLT’s in your Moodle course? What is your opinion about the benefits of using DLT’s for students?  Share your creative ideas and experience with us in the comments section below.

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