Overheard at the iMoot: The Greatest Thing Moodle should Do Next #Moodlewish #imoot2013

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sliceOne of the greatest attributes of the iMoot is the lively discussion boards that parallel the presentation schedule but continue to garner participation and share a wealth of accumulated knowledge from the 4 day event. One of the forums that I got a huge kick out of reading was the “Greatest thing Moodle should do next” (registered users only) a list of all of the great Moodle projects that people are wishing for. As I start to think of how a legit crowdfunding site might sustain itself over the next few years, is strikes me that the key is having very well defined and popular projects to for developers to work on.

The list generated at the iMoot in this forum is a great place to start, here’s a short list of a few favorites (some of which I mentioned during my presentation as well…before seeing the list! Glad to hear I’m not blind to what’s truly sought):

  • Offline Moodle: students headed from school to the bus home, or to a place with bad connectivity could continue working on their site if an offline app was available. I’ve heard that the Mobile can do this, but what about a broader application accomplished through the download of a few HTML pages? 
  • True Social Network Integration: all activities in Moodle could be shared through the social graph.  Think of Nike+’s ability to post the beginning of a run or results of said athletic activity.  How about the same for starting a course or acing a quiz?
  • Simultaneous Wiki Editing: a truly collaborative experience in editing (similar to Google Docs).  There are a few integration that might provide this as a default already if you’re interested…

What do you think, what’s the next best and greatest thing that Moodle could offer?



6 Responses

  1. I instigated the thread after posing the question on the first keynote and what transpired was (in no particular order):

    Distributed learning
    Bootstrap needs docking
    Keep non-automated leaving the ‘teacher in the room’ for the decision making processes based on analysis.
    Fix the smaller outstanding issues that have been around for ages.
    Inline chat window for ‘teacher / student’ out of class homework help.
    Course templates beyond
    Export course facility to older versions, e.g. M2.5 can create backups that will be readable by M2.3 etc.



  2. Would love to see better grading for Forum posts. Maybe work in Rubrics somehow?

  3. I think there are two things that would make moodle much better:

    -A “Moodle Wall” social course format that would lower the entry barrier for teachers and provide for a course focused on communication. It should mimic in functionality Edmodo or facebook.

    -A more robust Community Hub for sharing. Some improvements might include automated restore with 1-2 clicks and minimal input from user, support for listing LTI-Shared resources, and possibly some type of button that can send individual quizzes or other activities directly to the hub from the course page.

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