Pay MUA A Visit At MoodleMoot US 2017-Miami This Monday. More Moodle Users Association News

Pay MUA A Visit On MoodleMoot US 2017-Miami This Monday. More Moodle Users Association News

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Newly appointed President of the Moodle Users Association, Emma Richardson, has followed through on her promise to increase the frequency and quality of communication from the community to the group’s membership and the Moodleverse whole.

Early last week, she released her first update with the presidential hat, with four important updates regarding the Project Development Cycle, upcoming MoodleMoots, and the next events on the MUA calendar.

2017 July-December Project Development Cycle Powers Through

The current cycle is in the “Finalizing project requirements” stage. The proposals that passed the filter of preliminary voting were subject to a more rigorous set of requirements to be fulfilled by their proponents. Now, Moodle HQ has looked into them for the first time. Richardson says the MUA Committee is reaching out to members to make sure they received and implemented feedback delivered by HQ’s Liz Dalton.

Proponents have until November 15th to have their reviewed projects ready for Moodle HQ to take a second look at and to provide cost estimates. Then, all that’s left is the final voting cycle by MUA members, which is set to run until the last minute of the Australian year.

2017 January-June Project Also Going Steady

The “Expanded Question Bank Management/Categorization” project, a previously-finished development cycle winner, is being looked into by a Moodle HQ team and MUA’s Tim Hunt. Expect further developments.

MUA at MoodleMoot US 2017-Miami

A “meet and greet” with the MUA Committee is scheduled for the second US Moot of the year, where some members might finally be able to see each other’s faces. Potential members interested in the meetup can also find information and the last push needed to become a voting member of this increasingly influential group. The event is scheduled for Monday, November 6th, at 6pm ET.

Upcoming MUA Town Hall Meetings in November

Connect with the MUA Committee on Tuesday, November 7th, at 8am UTC (4am ET) for an hour-long “chance to discuss any topic and bring feedback to the MUA committee and HQ,” using this link.

If that time does not work for you, join the following Tuesday, November 14th, at 5pm UTC (1pm ET), hours before the Project Development Cycle proposal modifications deadline. Connect using the same link.

Read the post “MUA Update” at (members only).

Join MUA here.

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