Platform Neutral/Mobile-Ready Course Development Survey Results

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Over the past few weeks my team has been working to create a better mobile experience for our Moodle users in their courses. We’ve improved  the theme, converted flash to HTML5 where we could but were left with a few questions where best practices for Moodle courses don’t seem to exist yet.

A few of the questions we were asking ourselves:

  • popups or no popups?
  • concentrate on tablets or tablets and phones?
  • what advance notice should we provide to students about the mobile readiness (or lack thereof)?

Last week we launched a short survey to get a few responses on those questions. About 30 people responded to the survey, below is a summary of the results:

  1. 82% of respondents test for Mobile, though
  2. 64% considered Mobile users during course construction
  3. When considering users devices, it was evenly split between Desktops, Laptops and Tablets all around 28% (Phones were 4th at 15%)
  4. 63% had reviewed their site analytics to review traffic to Moodle (unclear if they looked further to explore how many mobile users were hitting the site)
  5. Moodle Activities were the most frequently used materials in courses at 34%, followed by files (29%) and Moodle Resources (26%)
  6. Popups: 59% of respondents said that they used Popups to open new pages (only 11% in line though 30% claimed both).

Overall good insight from the respondents. In our own work I think we’ll be gearing up testing of the experience with and without popups but I am leaning slightly toward popups in the cases where new pages load or 3rd party websites are called so that Moodle is available in the background.

Checkout a slideshow of the response breakdown below. If you’d still like to weigh in consider filling out the quick form here:


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