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As an English language teacher, I am continually connecting with my students so they can practice authentic language learning. Our communication has been mostly via text through emails, discussion forums on Moodle, Facebook chats or group messages, on Google drive (comments) and on Google chats. I have tried to encourage my students to use screencast-o-matic, present me, movenote, Kazana, Youtube videos and other technologies, so they can practice speaking about the content. The process has been very slow because they find most educational technologies difficult unless it’s on Facebook.

However, PoodLL has changed all that. My students are finding PoodLLing as easy as texting. Just Hunt and his team have done an amazing service to English language teachers and their students. My students and I can now connect by audio and video and not just by text. Texting is important for online communication, but audio and video make the connections even stronger.

You’re invited to watch a video introducing PoodLL on M4TEVO14 which showcases how simple it is.

If this sounds like a commercial, count it as my enthusiasm for PoodLL. I will be using PoodLL in the upcoming Moodle for Teachers Electronic Village Online (M4TEVFO14) TESOL affiliated free 5-week online course starting January 13 until February 16, 2014. You’re invited to join and invite your friends, so you can try out PoodLL.

Here’s the syllabus for M4TEVO14 and the link to enrol in M4TEVO14 for 5 weeks.

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