Purpose-Based Skins, Paypal Player, Playback Limits: The Latest In PoodLL Plugin For Moodle

Purpose-Based Skins, Paypal Player, Playback Limits: The Latest In PoodLL Plugin For Moodle | Las Novedades de los Complementos PoodLL para Grabaciones

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It’s been a busy summer for the team led by Justin Hunt, AKA the “PoodLL Guy.” Keen to listen to feedback and offer commonly requested features, he has shared the latest updates in a series of blog posts we summarize below.

Multi Audio Player (Limit Student Playbacks): Previously, teachers could limit the number of times a student could listen to an audio to one. Now, they can set any number. The player will indicate the number of “remaining plays” the student has.

iOS App update (New icon and revamped navigation): Communicating with the Moodle site, either by mobile web browser or Moodle Mobile, this feature allows users to open the app directly to the appropriate file with once click on the LMS.

Recorder skins (Font Awesome-based player): A distinguishing feature of PoodLL is the ability to add skins depending on the use case scenario. The “Burnt Rose recorder” skin, for instance, places focus on recording and has extra accessibility tweaks. The “1, 2, 3 Recorder” offers a “record, play, upload” sequence that streamlines the student workflow.

Paypal accessible video player (Enable the HTML5 video player developed by Paypal): For some reason, the engineering team at Paypal developed an open source, HTML5 player. It is lightweight, accessible, and supports several caption formats. PoodLL users can now enable this player and set it as default.

A summary post recaps these and other developments in the year since PoodLL 3 first launched.

The last update is pricing. Licenses for the PoodLL plugin family start at $79 USD for individual teachers. Read more at

Click here to find the PoodLL plugin family within the Moodle directory.

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