Quick Introduction to the Moodle Event Monitor in 2.8

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March Cooch created a host of video tutorial examples for features in 2.8, including the new event monitoring system. Event monitoring helps teachers and administrators to setup rules so that they can be notified of student activity without having to search for specific actions. Think of this as a way to curate a list of specific actions from the logs so that you know when a desired (or the opposite) action happens in a course.

According to the docs,

Event monitoring allows admins and teachers to receive notification when certain events happen in Moodle. See Events list for examples of events and their levels. Note that students may also be allowed to subscribe to rules if they are given the capability tool/monitor:subscribe.

This helpful video gives a bit of additional info and examples of how the new system can be used and configured. Check out the video at

A couple of more examples on what you might monitor:

  • as an admin you could also create alerts to know if/when quiz attempts have been deleted
  • alert if a user override has been created for a quiz
  • as a teacher you could use it to create notifications when you might need to login and grade papers or essay questions in a quiz
  • create an alert for students to let them know their papers have been graded

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  1. Very nicely done. This feature is of great interest to our teachers, especially those who are looking for better ways to monitor student activity in online courses.

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