Quick Review: Graeme Boxwell’s Moodle for Mobile Learning by @Packtpub

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Packt Publishing sent me a free copy of Graeme Boxwell’s “Moodle for Mobile Learning” Video Course to review before the holidays but I just never had the time to sit down and watch until recently. The video set, one of Packt’s new product lines features 33 videos highlighting everything from a primer in Setting up for Mobile, to Content Delivery, Social Media and Communication, Mobile Assessment, and Tips and Tricks (8 sections in all, each with a few videos subsections that each run a few minutes in length).

Graeme’s primary tool in the video creation is Prezi, though that shouldn’t throw you and doesn’t detract from the information being presented. Each video has clear audio, though without enlarging the video aspect you might have a bit of trouble reading text on the presentations or during screencasts. As an added bonus Packt’s download includes an easy to use “Overview.html” file which opens in a browser and gives you a DVD like menu to control how you progress through the videos available.


Boxwell’s understanding of the Moodle Mobile landscape was deep and broad at the time of filming, though the mobile landscape for Moodle has changed so drastically since the video was captured that it’s already slightly out of date for some sections (specifically responsive themes where Moodle’s most popular Essential theme is not even mentioned because it was not yet available). That aside, the information in most videos will be as relevant as ever as you explore mobile learning in your classroom. Graeme’s overview of communication techniques and tools, assessment, and activities in the classroom.

Overall this is a pretty solid overview of Moodle’s Mobile options and how to get started in your own classroom (or institution). With a regular price of $39.99 it might be a fair deal, even better though is at the time of writing the package was only $23.99. While pricier than an ebook (or free videos on the web), the videos might be a bit more enjoyable if you’d rather watch than read. Check out Packt’s Moodle for Mobile Learning at You can watch a sample video (Section 1.3) at

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