Quick Tip: Hard-linking Glossary Categories

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One project I’ve been working on is an online certification program.  The Moodle manages nearly all of the steps from student sign-up through “graduation” however there are a few manual pieces that help to keep the process humming (Moodle does handle the payment gateway which is simply setup with the default enrollment plug-in by Paypal).

A perk for graduates of the programs/certifications is to be listed on the same site in our Graduates directory, which is where potential employers or customers can find a certified individual/organization nearest them (or by name or any other characteristic).  To create the directory I used the simplest standard Moodle tool possible which would allow for our project managers to most easily add new graduate information which would be indexed and available: the Glossary.  While the Database may ultimately prove to be the best option down the road, the Glossary provides a “two click” process of adding new certified graduates to the list in search-able/alphabetic order.  Additionally, by adding it to the main page of our Moodle site it allows anyone guests to come and search it (it would be a lot less useful if it were part of a course).

There are three different certifications at the moment, and rather than rely on users figuring out how to navigate the various tabs (or what “browse by category” means) I hard linked the different certificate categories to the Glossary description.  Here’s how to snag each category link:

  1. First add the categories: go to your glossary, click “browse by category” and on the category page click “edit categories”.
  2. Each category you add will be available when you create your new items
  3. Add your entries!
  4. Once you have your entries in each category, browse to that category by using “Browse by Category” the drop down on that page.
  5. When you click on each of the categories you’ve created you’ll see the URL change slightly.  Each category is assigned it’s own “cat&hook” number which allows to grab each of the category links and put them anywhere on our Moodle site for each access.  The URL to view all ANT certified graduates for example is /mod/glossary/view.php?id=435&mode=cat&hook=2.  Using the hyperlink button in the HTML editor will let you link those from anywhere.  Here’s a quick image of how we provide a shortcut to lists of grad right on the front page of the site using a simple label.

Presumably a similar feature would be available for the Database which might be a more flexible way to list graduates.  The simple Glossary tool though provides us with a easy to use and add directory of students and suits the situation.

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