Rapid rollout and design of courses using Generico filter – Vernon Spain at MoodleMoot Australia 2016 #MootAU16

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Moodle course design and layout can be a big headache for a new Moodle user as there are a lot of options available to change the default layout. In earlier Moodle versions the users were scared of the scroll of death and other visual issues.
Vernon Spain – National Senior Educational Technologist, Endeavour College of Natural Health shared his talk during the recently concluded MoodleMoot Australia 2016. The topic “Rapid Rollout and Design of Moodle Courses” is of particular interest for many Moodle users. Check out the video recording below:

During the talk, Vernon emphasized the problems in designing a visually appealing course in Moodle and how to overcome those challenges. During the journey Vernon tries various solutions like One topic format and having more images in the course which results in more page load time. Another solution he tries through using the Grid format plugin but was very tedious to be used by a teacher.
Finally Vernon came to know about the Generico templating filter for Moodle which does a magic for his course layout. By using the generico filter templates, the addition of new interface elements is an easy job for a teacher. The plugin can be used to add visual popups and visual modifications for a course page like background image etc. Let’s say you would like to allow the teachers to add a video wall in their course, then you can add the relevant code in the generico template and all the teachers can use it any course without worrying about the coding part.
You can also use Generico filter for easy Youtube embeds, Modals, Accordion effects and alerts. There are a lot of good ideas of code snippets on which can be used in Generico filter templates.
There is a dedicated showcase for sharing the generico filter templates created by Moodle community members. Watch out the video recording of the presentation here for complete walk through for improving the visual interface of a Moodle course and download the relevant slides here.
How you are using the Generico filter in your Moodle course? Do share your creative ideas with us in the comments section below.

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