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The Blackboard, AWS, IBM partnership was announced earlier this month in two press releases. We covered both. The most recent one took place during the annual BBWorld 2016. The three companies are hosting a webinar to provide an overview of what managed hosted and cloud hosted partners can expect from the partnership.

Blackboard is a Moodle partner and another LMS competitor. Moodlerooms is Blackboard’s Moodle offering. Blackboard is making a bet of its future on cloud services. It makes sense: thanks to Amazon, for institutions large and small it costs them more to set up their own room of physical servers than to cede.

IBM will provide infrastructure management organization services. Amazon Web Services will host, even though IBM also provides hosting services. In any case the rationale of the hosting partnership is not difficult to understand. We have seen how AWS took the cloud by storm with reliability and a lead in the “race to zero”.

IBM on the other hand, has a lot to deliver in many of its promises. It made a lot of noise three years ago when their Watson computer beat a human at Jeopardy. Cognitive computing grew as a term in the mainstream. But their five-year vision, to be complete in less than two, has not shown anything worth of admiration. Earnings report in July 18th showed a quarterly earning lower than last year’s. Revenues on “cognitive solutions” grew 0.2%. A sense of potential usually means it’s a slow burn. We will stay tuned to IBM advance over the learning market over the coming years.

For the time being, join the webinar, where details on the partnership will be sorted out. Just do not get your hopes high for AI into Moodlerooms some time soon.

Sign up for the webinar here.

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